Pigeon Control

Image of disease spreading pigeon we can deal with for commercial centres and domestic properties both

London’s pigeon population is part and parcel of life in the city, but despite being more conspicuous than their rodent and insect counterparts, pigeons are still pests, capable of causing all sorts of problems for those working and in urban centres.

The feral pigeon is a descendant of the coastal Rock Dove, and over time, it has abandoned its coastal habitat for more convenient locations, where human populations ensure safe places to nest and a constant source of food.
Far from being friendly urban wildlife for tourists to enjoy feeding scraps to, pigeons are actually a nuisance for many different reasons. As well as pestering people for scraps, they are noisy and can gather in large numbers on the street. They also damage masonry and metalwork by fouling or, on a structural level, by nesting. And last but not least, they pose a threat to human and animal health because of the diseases and parasites they carry.
If you have a pigeon problem at home, you may find your quality of life is negatively impacted, whilst a pigeon problem at commercial premises can lead to loss, or even closure, of business. As such, it is vital that you invest in professional services like ours, to exercise pigeon control methods and reduce the population.

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