The grey squirrel was intentionally introduced to Britain in 1876 and 1929 and by 1945 had established themselves widely throughout the UK. In urban areas they live in parks and gardens wherever there are trees. The most serious damage in urban areas arises where grey squirrels enter roof spaces by climbing the walls or jumping from nearby trees. Once inside they chew woodwork and ceilings,  fibreglass insulation, electrical cables and pipes (causing fire and floods) and sometimes drown in water storage tanks. 

Activity inside houses not only causes concern as far as damage but also disruption to sleep patterns and on rare occasions have been known to attack humans. In the garden they attack birds nests, eating the eggs and taking from bird feeders. They have even been seen eating through wheelie bins. 
We take our responsibilities very seriously, we only undertake trapping under the conditions laid down by UK legislation. Call us if you’re having problems with squirrels, we can help, and your initial survey is absolutely free.