Here in the UK we have two main species of rats that cause concern to humans, they are the Black rat and the Brown rat. Importantly, either can be a sewer rat and 90% of rats that enter a house do so through sewer drains.
The Black rat is a black, pointed nose rodent with quite a slender body and a tail that is longer than the head and the body. They are also known as ship rats and climbing rats and are incredibly agile climbers, using their long tail to support them. The Black rat is now rare in Britain and is usually only found in port towns. Unlike the larger brown rats in is rare for them to burrow and are almost never found outdoors.
The Brown rat is also known as the common rat, or Norway rat. It is a large, brown rodent (up to and beyond 40cm including tail) and has a tail shorter than it’s head and body. It has a blunt nose, small ears and a slightly thicker body when compared to the black rat. This rat is to be found all over the country and we at Pest-a-Lance are very experienced in dealing with them.
Our primary approach to rat control is to bait, monitor then proof against re-infestation, and this is what sets Pest-a-Lance aside. Where some other pest controllers will simply fill your house with poison and walk away, we monitor the effectiveness of the poison, and once we’ve seen a significant decrease in rat activity, we proof your property so new rats will find it difficult to return. Call us today if you think you have a rat problem, your initial survey is free.