Fox Control

Photo of urban fox who an be a serious and dangerous pest to homeowners and their children.

The city environment is becoming friendlier every day for urban wildlife. With bins being collected at longer and longer intervals and many gardens now housing chickens and rabbits, the urban fox is no longer the mammal of waste grounds and rubbish tips.

We throw away incredible amounts of food and foxes thrive on this easy to access nourishment. With increasing numbers of people living in London producing increasing amounts of waste, these better food sources encourage increased breeding leading to a population boom.

In our free survey, we will inspect your garden for access points and lay out a plan for proofing, trapping, or both. When the job is agreed we may monitor your garden with motion-activated night vision cameras to establish the activity on your property.

Free Survey

We understand that urban fox control can be a controversial subject, we undertake the removal of foxes in accordance and compliance with UK laws and our technicians are fully qualified to humanely dispatch trapped animals. We would rather proof your property against foxes and remove their access to food sources, and will only use live traps as a last resort.

Pest-A-Lance will not tolerate any abuse, verbal or physical,
towards its technicians while they are going about
lawful wildlife management tasks.

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