Squirrels in attic

Superb communications. Very efficiently dealt with problem. Had results the same day! Gave explanations to what was being done to rid problems and what dangers could be present. I have no hesitation in recommending this company and would use again. Very happy customer.

Photo of urban fox who an be a serious and dangerous pest to homeowners and their children.

Fox Control

The city environment is becoming friendlier every day for urban wildlife. With bins being collected at longer and longer intervals and many gardens now housing chickens and rabbits, the urban fox is no longer the mammal of waste grounds and rubbish tips. We throw away incredible amounts of food and foxes thrive on this easy ….  Read More

Wasps bedbugs and other insects are pest problems we can solve.


Insects come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, and it can be quite hard to identify the insect that is causing the pest problem. At Pest-a-Lance we offer a free initial survey to identify the exact pest and then can explain the appropriate treatment measures for the infestation. We cover everything from biting and stinging ….  Read More