Cheeky Foxes

Image of urban fox we deal with often

Ever noticed that your local foxes are getting less and less afraid, and will watch you from a few metres without running away? These cheeky beggers have an abundant food source in the form of the waste that we leave outside our homes, and they may even be literally handed food on a plate if your neighbours are leaving leftovers out for them!
This all leads to a phenomenon called over-humanisation, in which the foxes loose their fear of humans and become used to having them around and indeed see humans a source of food.
This is a problem. Foxes are wild animals that should be kept at a distance, they are carriers of diseases such as salmonella and bovine tuberculosis (TB), they also pose a risk to pets as carriers of mange, lungworm and fleas. Having come to expect food from your bins, they will tear them apart to get to your waste, scattering litter for metres around. They might even come through your cat flap!

As they have no natural predators foxes need to be controlled in other ways, contact Pest-A-Lance for your free initial survey and let our experts sort out the problem for you.

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