A magnificent Red stag, one of two native deer species in the UK
Deer Control
Deer are a brilliant and beautiful addition to the wildlife of the UK countryside. They feed on plants, flowers, trees and shrubs and this browsing plays an important part in increasing biodiversity in woodland eco-systems. While it is thought that around two million deer are living in the UK at present, populations appear to be increasing due to milder winters, better woodland cover and agricultural changes.
With population expansion comes over browsing; that is, the more deer there are, the more food is needed to sustain them. This means deer may eat more in one place, potentially damaging the local ecosystem, or they may move into new territory and this can bring them into contact with humans. 
Of the six species of deer in the UK, the species most likely to cause damage to gardens and farms are the native Roe deer and the introduced Muntjac deer.

Muntjac: An exotic looking deer introduced to the UK from Middle/Far East

Roe: A native species of deer
Both species cause damage to a wide range of crops and garden plants, and they are known to be particularly partial to roses. There are various ways of protecting your property, ranging from gapless fences to individual tree protection to localised culling and Pest-a-Lance undertakes all deer control activities. If you have or think you have a deer problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us and remember that our initial survey is free.
Pest-a-Lance is fully committed to the welfare of urban wildlife and is a founding member of the Association of Urban Wildlife Professionals.

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